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Mirabell the beautiful Mermaid $60

This majestic mermaid is laid out relaxing on a limestone slab. She is dressed in a stunning burgundy and gold bikini top that matches her scaled mermaid tail. Mirabell has long locks of hair with burgundy ends. She will make a lovely addition to landscaping, placed near a pond or on display next to a pool.

To complete my certification I was required to make a piece with color. I knew it was important to mix up enough to do a whole sculpture as mixing up more and having the colors match is near impossible. I had some extra mixed so rather than waste it I added color to the ends of her hair. I really enjoyed forming her body, I actually started with her fin. I wasn't sure what I was going to make as I played with foil and suddenly I could see a lovely mermaid tail. I went right to work on the rest of her body. I really like how her hair looks almost like dreadlocks, but moving forward I will start applying hair from the nape and move up.

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