• plumfan03

Finkle the snowflake Gnome

I decided to attempt making a larger piece. It took me several days to get him where I wanted. I have added battery powered twinkle lights under his hat for a little extra personalization. He stands 42 inches tall and is sealed for outdoor use. He would look great on a door step as a door greeter.

I started with the base and moved up after the base had dried. This worked well for ensuring a solid and sealed base but next time I will try laying fabric vertically I hopes of getting a baggier appearance in the clothing. I will also play around with the fabric on his shoulders on the next one, I wonder if laying a strip of fabric from under the hat down to the wrist with provide a sleeker look. I al going to play with interchangeable decorations so he can be changed depending on the season or holiday.

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